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Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Being a great programmer isn’t just knowing the technical details. It is understanding that programming is an art form, a philosophy.

Sean Rose - American Artist and Technologist

It is finding the best solution to problems that never stop changing. It is understanding the user, and what that user needs, is not always what the user tells you they want. It is the ability to achieve a Zen-like peace when a client asks you for that mythical "all encompassing system" and you know how to manage the limited resources you have and still create and deliver a great product they can use. See the visual version of my work or read the about me for more general info.

About Sean

I am an accomplished senior software engineer/full stack developer/data systems architect and media arts professional with two decades of experience. I have worked with clients from small business to large corporations. Currently, I lead the software engineering team at a $7 billion/year corporation. I have worked in industries such as healthcare, government, advertising and construction.

I have been invited to Apple Computer in Cupertino, CA as a consultant and worked with several Microsoft teams, including the Windows 10 IoT team, both remote and onsite at the Redmond, WA campus.

I am an extremely capable mobile, desktop and server software engineer, as well as a design and user experience expert. This unique mix makes me the perfect person to lead and empower a results driven team to deliver first rate business software and user experiences.

Architect for design and implementation of server, web, desktop and mobile initiatives for top tier medical, construction and government clients ranging from complex data software applications to marketing and promotional projects.

Proven professional that bridges enterprise IT operations and marketing, communication and advertising. Understands real world systems design is based on human understanding and breaking current problems down into fundamental concepts that can be connected with, and solved, with the limited resources at hand. Exceptionally adept at finding the best solutions to problems that never stop changing. Able to build goal oriented teams that deliver great products, exceeding expectations, on time and within budget.

Career and Business Achievements

Team Lead - Enterprise Application Development & Software Engineering

I lead a team of world class developers in a diverse tech stack using the latest technologies in web, mobile and emerging tech. We specialize in using the latest and greatest in .NET, JavaScript, iOS and Android as well as pioneering the use of custom apps on Apple TV, Windows 10 IoT and Unity/HoloLens. We are strongly partnered with Microsoft and Apple and are dedicated to producing nothing less than the highest quality enterprise applications and end user experiences.

Lead iOS/Android Developer/Senior Developer – Enterprise Applications & User Experience

Technologies: iOS/tvOS/Objective C/Swift, .NET/C#, Android/Java, ASP.NET MVC 5/4, WebAPI 2, HTML 5, CSS 3, AngularJS, KnockoutJS, Bootstrap 3, JavaScript/jQuery, MS SQL 2016 – 2008, Entity Framework, ADO.NET, SQLLite, LINQ, Nuget, Xcode, Visual Studio, TFS, Unity (Dependency Injection), Adobe Creative Suite

Data Systems Architect

Technologies: .NET/C# & VB.NET, ASP.NET, Win Forms, Web Forms, HTML/xHTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, MS SQL 2005/2008, ADO.NET, LINQ, TFS, Visual Studio, VB 6, Adobe Creative Suite

Systems design: the Monolith Project

Systems design: new document imaging system

Systems design: Campaign Finance Reporting System

Server management & miscellaneous

Systems Architect/Programmer/Graphic Artist

Technologies: .NET/C# & VB.NET, PHP, LAMP, ASP.NET, Win Forms, Web Forms, HTML/xHTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, MS SQL, MySQL, ADO.NET, LINQ, TFS, Visual Studio, VB 6, Adobe Creative Suite